One Main Message – Recognizing Faculty Excellence

Dear UHD Community,

The start of the semester has been particularly productive. This month alone, our University formally opened the College of Sciences & Technology Building, earned national honors for two of its degree programs and welcomed noted guests in higher education to our campus. And those are just some of January’s highlights.

I’d like to acknowledge those UHD Community members who worked hard to create an auspicious start to the spring session and are continuing to grow the University.

In this edition of the One Main Message, I would particularly like to recognize UHD’s talented faculty. Our professors, lecturers and adjunct instructors fuel the creation and delivery of high-impact curriculum that transforms our students into engaged citizens and valued members of the region’s workforce. Likewise, their innovative research, valued scholarship and creative passions inspire all UHD stakeholders to strive for success.

As January draws to a close, I know that faculty, as well as all of the UHD Community, will continue to support our institution’s progress throughout the year.

Thank you for your efforts to help the University reach new heights in 2020!

Dr. Juan Sánchez Muñoz
UHD President

Distinguished Visitors

In recent weeks, UHD hosted Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Commissioner Harrison Keller and Board Chair Stuart Stedman. We also welcomed higher education veteran Dr. Ruth Simmons, president of Prairie View A&M University to campus to address the President’s Leadership Academy. Those visits are indicative of UHD’s increased visibility in our region and throughout the state. When a university attracts higher education leadership such as these individuals, it is a clear sign that great things are happening on campus.

National Rankings

The University was again recognized by U.S. News & World Report in its rankings of Best Online Programs. UHD’s online Master of Science in Criminal Justice Program earned two rankings, No. 21 among Best Online Master’s in Criminal Justice Programs and No. 14 for Best Online Master’s in Criminal Justice Programs for Veterans. Additionally, the University was ranked for its online bachelor’s programs. UHD also received an acknowledgement from The Chronicle of Higher Education. The University is ranked among the top public universities with highest percentages of fifth and sixth year graduates. These rankings reflect the efforts of faculty in support our students’ success.